Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm leaning toward the car theme.....

I think I'm leaning toward the car theme for Benjamin's bedroom. (Not that I got much comments on my last post....Boo Hoo!!!! I thought my readers might be more opinionated. Hee Hee....)

Thank you, Darbi for leaving this comment:

Hmm...well since you
wanted opinions I'll leave mine! I love the car theme. When we lived in Zambia,
the children were just fascinated with cars and trucks! I think he would love it
That is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. Thank you!

I tend to lean toward the Pottery Barn for Kids look (I mean, I try to copy their look for cheaper) and I was struggling with the idea of doing a theme like Pooh or Mickey, but thought I'd go with it if it would be familiar and comforting to Benjamin.

Today, I picked out a quilt and I think I'll buy that for him and build the room around that and then throw in a few car accessories.

Here's the quilt I'm thinking about:

This picture shows the color scheme I'm going with. It sure is fun to be doing something that isn't Princess or pink. I loved decorating for my girls, it's just fun to get to do something new.

It feels good to be pushing myself into doing this room. My excitement is building again. : )


Rae said...

sorry i'm a little late to jump in here, but for some reason when i was reading the first post "AIRPLANES!" just kept shouting in my brain. weird i know, but i have this clear picture of those colors with cute little bi-planes. cars would be cute too, but i'm casting my vote for AIRPLANES!!!!!

Erin S. said...

Love the quilt. The colors are perfect, very Americana, and a car theme will be great for Benjamin and fun to decorate with.
I found a cute personalized racetrack table with two chairs at
You can personalize one with Benjamins name and put "friends" on the other. Just an idea.. I will keep looking.. It's FUN!!