Thursday, August 9, 2007

Please Read and Pray

My heart is heavy tonight because I've been reading emails on our Acres of Hope Yahoo group about a new situation developing in Liberia with adoptions. I have been trying to catch up on past emails that I've missed and trying to figure out the situation and how it will affect us.

The problem revolves around a newly appointed American consular to the US Embassy in Liberia who apparently has stated it will be her mission to slow down adoptions. The word on the group is that the embassy gets its directions from the State Department in Washington. The email I just read felt like the State Department doesn't want to stop adoptions, but that they are trying to slow them down to such a point that parents will be discouraged and not adopt from this country. The email even said that there is concern that they are now considering requiring parents to stay in country for a month, and if the adoption agency cannot locate the birth parent to your child; then they will not issue a visa.

I'm scared and there is something in me that says, "See. You were right to be afraid that something would go wrong." I feel down and afraid. Please pray for us, but more than that, please pray for all of the kids in these orphanages waiting to come home, especially the special needs kids that desperately need the medical care they will get here. Some are dying and need to be united with their adoptive families to live.

Forgive me Lord for my unbelief.

God just gave me this song to remind me to keep my eyes on Him and to trust:

Voyage To Gennesaret
by Don Francisco

Eleven men besides myself in a boat both small and light
Pushed off for Gennesaret in the first watch of the night
A storm blew up at midnight coming hard down on the prow
We started losing headway shipping water stem and bow
When someone shouted loud, "Hey, look to starboard on the sea!"
The men screamed out in terror at the form we all could see
A man was walking on the water, and we trembled, cried and prayed
Till He stopped and turned and spoke to us, "It is I, don't be afraid."

I shouted out to Jesus, "If it's You, then call to me,
And tell me how to come to You and walk across the sea."
Without a second's thought He looked at me and answered, "Come!"
My insides turned to water and my mind went blank and numb.
I climbed across the gunwhale looking straight into His eyes
But long before I reached His side, the wind began to rise
I forgot Him in an instant and I sank just like a stone
I cried out, "Jesus save me!" and His hand was on my own."

"Oh man of little faith," He said, "What made you doubt My word?
Have you been this long with Me without knowing what you've heard?"

We climbed into the boat and all at once the wind was gone
The sea turned calm and gentle and the day began to dawn.
We knelt amazed and worshipped Him for the power He displayed
For all that we had seen had left us wondering and dismayed
It was not till after Pentecost I could really understand
But even when I doubted Him,
He did not let go my hand.


Ben said...

For the first time in my life I'm greatful that our government bureaucracy is slow and takes forever to do what they say!! I'll be praying for you but if history is any indicator - you'll be fine! I love you and keep trusting...He started a good work and will see it to completion!

Brittanny said...

Becky, God knows the plans He has for you, to prosper you and NOT to harm you.......that means the same for your little man in Liberia too. I know how hard it can be to be at the will of the government, be it ours or theirs, but GOD IS BIGGER!!!!! This will happen. I will be praying.

Kim & Dale said...

Once again I can feel your fear. I do know what it is like to get so close to having a baby and then have your dreams dashed. I'm trying to give God my fear over this, too. All around me God has been telling me to simply trust - through songs, events, people, and sunsets. He is Lord over all, even the government. I'm still praying that we have our children before 2008. Your big sister in Christ, Kim

Christine said...

I was surprised to see this on the AOH group too. Please take comfort in the fact that there is always "something" when adopting. I always say adoption labor is so much longer than giving birth. I believe it shows the awesome hand of God at work. When we brought our dd home, it was the passports, when we brought one of our ds's home it was NJ state playing games with us, the other ds, the birthfather "had to pray" about reliquishing. The other dd, the birthmother mistook something I said to mean that we were moving out of state (don't know WHERE she got that!) and almost stopped the placement.
Hang in there, God is good and He has situation right in the palm of his hands.