Saturday, September 8, 2007

Longing for Ben Today

I am sitting here listening to a football game on the radio, and feeling lonely for Ben. Sometimes I feel so discouraged and so afraid that he is just a figment of my imagination. The visa situation feels dismal and I have started imagining that our file fell under a desk somewhere and that we've fallen through the cracks somehow and have been forgotten.

We accepted our referral the beginning of May and got new photos in June, but that's all that we've heard about the adoption. The silence is hard. AOH is incredibly busy trying to deal with this visa situation, several people are in Liberia right now, and they are in transition with hiring new staff. They are too busy doing everything right for the kids, so I totally understand, but its still hard and for some reason today is one of the hardest. I'm just really low in the faith and trust and optimism department.

Is our adoption process really going through? Is Ben ever really going to get a visa to get out of the country? Will he ever really be here in our home with us in person? Will he, Lord? Lord, help my unbelief.


Blu and Darbi said...

Wow...I just read this today and it really helped to know other people feel like I do! "Have I been forgotten Lord?!" Praying for you as you wait,


DeniseinSC said...

Hang in there..!! love ,Denise