Wednesday, October 24, 2007

He Knows My Name

This is such a miracle, that Jesus knows my name. How could I get through life without that?

The Bible says that every hair on my head is numbered. I have had a rough week this week. Not just because of the adoption roller coaster....other stuff... I just can't say enough how much it means to me to know that in it all, Jesus knows my name.

I have a Maker, who knew me even before time began. I have a future and a hope in Him.

Please let me know if you aren't sure if He knows your name, or if you long for a relationship with your Maker. It would be a joy beyond words to share with you how.

I'd like to recommend that you visit Charity Alonso's blog
(she is another Acres of Hope mom that just returned from Liberia after being there for five weeks. She has an amazing story about how God knows her name and moved in their family's lives to do a modern day miracle.

I was searching for a video of a different song. It is called "He Knows My Name" and is a song I love, but in my search I came across this one that meant a lot, so I decided to post this video instead.

(I'll do the other one later) I'm in a music zone right now. I've really been enjoying some music that I'll share over the next few days.

Love you all. Thanks for your prayers.


Petra said...

This is not the original by Tommy Walker, it is the Maranatha singers, but it is one of my favorite songs too! I am praying for your referral - thanks for standing strong and continuing to walk alongside our Father who knows our name and is happy to discuss everything with us - the good and the bad!

Petra said...
sorry to take up more space - here is one of the Tommy Walker versions (he's the guy who wrote it and sings it).

sts_lilladee said...

hello, I found this site accidently I thought at first looking for the singer of He Knows my Name. Then i ran into your comment about not knowing for sure if He does know my name and having a relationship with Him. I used to but i haven't felt it in so long now. I feel very alone and i don't think He's with me anymore. I'm sure it's something i've done it would have to be but i don't know what. maybe bumping into this site wasn't a total accident. I could go on and on, my life has been full of trauma and tragedy but i won't drag you all down with all that. But i wanted to thank you for this lil glimmer of hope.

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