Thursday, December 13, 2007

Self-Pity and Pessimism

I was all set tonight to write a post about how pessimistic I am feeling about our adoption lately and to share a bunch of reasons I have been feeling sorry for myself lately...weight gain, no clothes for a Christmas party, bad hair-do, etc.

Before I posted tonight, though, I was blog-surfing. I landed on a blog of a young woman (only two years older than me) who just lost her battle with cancer last week, leaving a loving husband and three young children under the age of five. Reading her story took all the oomph out of my self-pity. Instead, I am going to bed thankful for this day with my girls. I may be chubby and have a funky new hair-do, but I'm alive and healthy and so in love with this family Jesus gave me.


jaz said...

Let's see a pic of that new do! ;0)
Love ya,
Jamie :0)

Missy said...

I know the road has been long Becky and you're probably due for a self pity session, but I pray that God blesses your thankful, gracious heart. Any word at all on JJ? Love you dear friend, Missy