Friday, December 14, 2007

What They Want for Christmas

Karissa, Amy and I were in the kitchen the other day listening to the radio. A Christmas song was on that kept using the word Immanuel in it. I saw it as a teachable moment, so here is how our conversation went:

I asked them, "Girls, do you know what Immanuel means?"

They answered that they didn't, so I said, "It means, 'God with us.' It is one of Jesus' names. It means that He is God with us."

The girls were quiet for awhile, and I thought they had moved on to other things until Karissa said, "Mommy, do you know what I want for Christmas?"

"No, honey, what do you want for Christmas?"

She got a sweet smile on her face and answered, "I want Immanuel."

My heart melted! Oh the faith of a child. I wish we all had this Christmas wish on our wish lists. Oh, Lord help me to have a heart that says, "Daddy, You know what I want for Christmas? You. I want You this holiday season." I was deep in thought, when Amy decided she didn't want to miss the opportunity.

"I want a Disney Princess Baby Daycare!" She said. : )


Anonymous said...

This wasn't as funny as when you told me on the phone, but I guess you just have to know sweet Amy and hear that little voice sounding just like the Christmas Story and the Red Rider B B Gun. I love you and envy you getting to be home with your girls. We are so blessed. Mom

Daiquiri said...

Cute! Not THAT'S why we do this job, eh? You're a great mommy. Someday what they'll wish for is to be just like you.