Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Have a Confession to Make

OK....I have a confession to make.

I love American Idol. : )

I don't just watch it. I even call in and vote. : ) (Um, like 20 - 30 times - blush - Redial comes in really handy.)


It starts in 16 minutes. Gotta Go.

Fess're watching it, too. (Right, Missy?)


Andi said...

I LOVE American Idol too and I am proud to admit it. I also call in and vote!!!


Donna Barber said...

yes I watched it tonite. Some of the girls stunk. I love Simons attitude on the show. He says what we are all thinking!!

Becky said...

I have to agree, Donna. That was a pretty boring American Idol. I didn't even vote last night. No one stood out as a star. The guys won this week. I hope it is just because of all of the sickness and they will do better next week.

: ) Becky

Angie said...

I too am a lover of Idol!! I recorded Tuesday night and watch all of them last night. I was up way too late but I just couldn't turn it off!! I agree about the girls but I do like the really young blond (can't remember her name). She really suprised me.
Have a good day Becky!

Missy said...

What? Me, watch Idol? Such trash....just kidding...of course I watched it. I thought the girls towards the end of the show got better. My kids have tried to vote, but we've never gotten through. I thought about texting, but I'm so cheap I don't want to pay the dime :o)

Hilty Sprouts! said...

I guess I should have posted my comment under this one, oops! I hope you don't mind Becky but you inspired me to blog about my undying love for american idol too, latecomer though I am!

Love, Jen

Kimberly S said...

How hilarious that you get the most comments when you blog about American Idol!! I am proud to say I DON'T watch! Call me a snob, but the closest I come to reality tv is HGTV and DIY.

jeff & katie said...

Funny you should post about this... Fatu and Osobie saw part of this tonight and LOVED it! They danced until they dropped! Fatu is mesmorized by the girl singers! Yeah,..and I like it too. But, to be honest, my favorite part is the try-outs by far!! what a great laugh!
Katie B.

Andrea said...

Ok Becky, I have you beat! When The American Idol tour came to town ( the one with Clay )my best friend got me 3 row center tickets! Shh... don't tell anyone how much I LOVED it.
I am such a dork!

Stephanie M said...

Becky - I am there watching it with you!! This is my first season, and I'm hooked!!