Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Just Want to Tell EVERYBODY!!

I was laughing to myself about how I just want to tell everybody I talk to about our adoption. When someone says "How are you?" My answer is "Great, did you hear that we are adopting from Liberia?" I somehow fit it into every conversation, even with strangers. My friend treated me to a pedicure on my birthday (which was AWESOME by the way) and even the girl working on my feet got to hear about our plans. A part of my heart and mind are always in Liberia.

I hope our son never doubts our love for him, but I think I'll print off this journal for him to read someday so he can see how excited I was for him to join our family.

On Friday, we will be going into the immigration office to get fingerprinted.. We are STILL waiting for New Jersey to send Pat's birth certificates a month later. (Anybody know anyone who works w/ birth certificates in NJ?????) We can't mail our dossier until we have them in hand. I know there is a purpose to delays, but I'm still praying BIRTH CERTIFICATES, BIRTH CERTIFICATES, BIRTH CERTIFICATES : ) I'll do a happy dance when they come in the mail.

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Ben said...

Becky -
I wanted to share something that I'm learning with our house situation that I felt could pertain to you...I keep thinking about our house selling and how its all about us and how I can't understand why God isn't letting it happen. But what about the buyers? How do I know that God's buyers are ready? He has this house picked for the next person and what if its just not the right time for them? I think the same can be applied to you. What about your son in Liberia? what if he's not ready to be adopted yet? What if he's not even at Acres of Hope yet? You might not be waiting on your birth certificates, God might just be delaying them so that your son is ready. :) Anyway, my feable attempt at trying to give you some good advice! I love you! You're the BSITU! ;)

Love - Your Brother