Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prayer Request

I don't have any new adoption news to share. I'm still hoping for the phone to ring to tell us JJ's adoption is finalized in Liberia. I'm also still hoping that the pre-visa interview happened last summer, but I haven't heard back on that question yet.

For pregnancy news, I have another OB appointment tomorrow morning. I would really appreciate prayers for peace, no fear, and for Baby to have a good, strong, healthy heartbeat.

Thank you!

I also wanted to mention that I have been terrible at returning emails lately. I'm so sorry and trying to get caught up. Please forgive me if you've emailed lately and are still waiting for me to answer.


jeff & katie said...

I'm sure the waiting is so hard... boy I do not miss that. I pray the Heavenly Father is speaking to you and filling you to overflowing while you wait for some more news on your boy!
Katie B.

Hilty Sprouts! said...

I am praying dear friend!


Missy said...

Praying for you this morning.
Love, Missy