Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trying Not to Cry Over Spilled Milk

Lovely spilled milk
Since I just read my comments from the last post, I realize that my faithful blog readers are demanding (and deserve) more consistent posts. So here you go, TWO posts in one day! How do you like them apples. : )
So, I thought I'd interrupt my life as supermom, to share with you a glimpse of the last two days and my shining achievements.
The Bus Cannot Be Here All Ready!
Am I the only mom on the planet that is incapable of getting her child to the bus on time every morning?, My dad used to accuse me of "being slower than a seven year itch," and I'm afraid slowness is still an issue for me. Unfortunately, I think my daughters have inherited it, also. I knew I was doomed yesterday morning when my neighbor and dear friend, Daiquiri, called to tell me the bus was already there and where was I? I think I just need to move to Liberia where nobody cares what time anything happens.
Adventures on the Way to Pick Up my Children From a Playdate:
Later yesterday afternoon, my girls were at a playdate for the first time, and I told the mom I'd pick them up at 3:00. Knowing my difficulty with getting anywhere on time, I left with plenty of time to pick them up. As soon as I got in the car and started to drive, I knew something was wrong. I felt dizzy and had a pain in my chest. I was having a hard time breathing and felt nauseous. I pulled over three times and then decided to go home and call the playdate mom. I didn't make it past Daiquiri's house before I had to pull over and knock on the door. I scared her to death, by saying, "I don't know what's wrong with me." She made me lay down on her couch with my feet up. I started getting all shaky. I went to the bathroom and threw up two times and miraculously came out of there feeling all better. What a great friend I have! We laughed about how gloriously pregnant I am, but of course I was late AGAIN picking the girls up and ruined the nap schedule for new playdate mom. Will I ever make it anywhere On Time....or dare I hope....EARLY??
Today's Issues With Milk:
Today, I was determined to regain supermom status, so I got Karissa to the bus just in the nick of time. Daiquiri admitted to wanting to call me to make sure I was on schedule, but held her born organized self back. After successfully getting my first born on the bus, I went home and got dinner in the crock pot, and spent all afternoon mopping my expansive kitchen floor. I get so frustrated with said kitchen floor. It is in constant need of sweeping and mopping. It never ends. I have been procrastinating mopping it forever during this messy winter weather, but found the motivation to conquer it today.
The crock pot meal I made for dinner had a final step to do 1/2 hour before had to put in the dumplings and add 3/4 cup of milk. Earlier today, Pat and I used up the last of the milk for his mocha and my pretend mocha (pregnancy safe caramel hot chocolate). I had to call Daiquiri to ask to borrow the 3/4 cup of milk. (Are you starting to get the picture that I could not live without Daiquiri?)
After Karissa went down the hill to borrow the milk, she walked in the door and spilled the milk all over the newly mopped kitchen floor. Then I had to send her down the hill to Daiquiri AGAIN to borrow our second 3/4 cup of milk. See what I mean? I'd be helpless without this woman. She sent Karissa back with the tupperware of milk strapped to her hand with rubber bands. : )
I finally got dinner ready and decided to make a batch of homemade biscuits. I have been craving them for days, and I knew I could not go one more day without fulfilling my NEED for them. Of course, all of you know where this story is going. I mixed up the batch of biscuits, fantasizing about the warm, fluffy, carb-loaded, wonderful things I was going to bite into in mere minutes. Guess what the last ingredient for biscuits is??? 2/3 CUPS OF YOU GUESSED IT!!!! MILK!!!! Oh brother!
Well, I guess I better run. Bible study starts in 5 minutes and I think I'm going to be late! : )


Lisa said...

What a riot! I love that you are just a normal, everyday mom like me. Those supermoms scare me :) and make me green with envy! LOL!

Daiquiri said...

Hey Friend! I couldn't live without you either, you know. Your friendship is my sanity!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can soooo picture this! Love you my friend! You are a supermom in my book! =)

Angie said...

Oh Becky you are so funny!!! I love to see that I'm not the only one who realizes that I don't have something that I need when I've already started. I also have one of those neighbors that I abuse with my calls for...brown sugar (that's my big one!!) Love you Becky! I'm so glad that you are feeling pregnant!!

Missy said...

What a great laugh you gave me this morning. I had no idea you know... ISSUES :o) I used to miss "on time" everywhere, but find myself becoming later and later and caring less and less.
I came home yesterday to soap bubbles all over the kitchen floor because my daughter had put regular dish soap in the dishwasher. Hey, my floor is clean. How's that for a floor cleaning tip?

Thanks for the offer to link to my site on your blog. That would be awesome. You are so good to me.

Must go before I'm late.

Love you,





Amy said...

Okay, you had me laughing out loud. :) That's hilarious. Good thing I'm not your neighbor. I'm too much like you, not enough like Daquiri. We'd both be lost. :)

Anonymous said...

Becky--have you ever heard of powdered milk. It sits in your pantry shelf for those rare times that you run out of milk (and heaven forbid Daiquiri isn't home). You can't tell the difference in a recipe. Love, MOM
Thanks for the laugh.

Tarah said...

I love that you try to be super mom. I don't think I have had a day of making that mark yet!